Travel plans, adventures and expectations!

I've always enjoyed writing; there's just something that helps me to process information and create a clearer perspective when it's written down in clear text. Over this past 2 years, I have found myself regularly writing private posts to gather my thoughts, fears, successes and failures, capturing souvenirs on paper to look back on with reflection in the future. Now, post some rather stressful exams, I've finally had the time to create and start fresh with a public space to talk about issues, opinions and events that I want to save not just for myself but for a wider audience of friends and strangers alike. 
This also gives me a space and chance to talk Warwick in Africa, a project aimed at helping to improve education in some of the poorest parts of the Sahara continent. After hearing about the project, there was an instant click of excitement and opportunity which made me want to use my summer to help and use my skills to try and make a small but meaningful differe…